>  September 29,
Congratulations to Dmitry Brusnikin!
Dmitry Brusnikin is the recipient of Made in Russia 2015 award by Snob Project in Theatre nomination.  The award was delivered to him at the gala ceremony on October 28.
>  September 28,
Tickets for November repertoire on sale
Dear Patrons,

Tickets for our November performances will go on sale on October 3rd — at 12 noon at the box-office and at 15:00 on the website.

You will be able to make reservations starting October 5 at 12 noon by calling (495) 646-3-646 or (495) 692-6748; or on our website starting at 14:00.

No reservations for November performances will be accepted prior to October 5th.

Thank you for your continuous patronage!
>  September 28,
November Subscription Series on Sale
Dear Patrons,

November subscriptions are now on sale at the box-office. The offer includes various price ranges — from the front row of the 2nd balcony to the 5th row of the parterre. We offer the following subscriptions:

Foreign Drama. Jeweler's Jubilee on November 11, Streetcar Named Desire on November 17, Mephisto on November 24.  Prices from 2 400₽ to 7500₽.

Russian Classics. The Kreutzer Sonata on November 4, The Cherry Orchard on November 18, The Forest on November 23. Prices from 1900₽ to 6000₽.

The Eccentric World of Theatre. He Is In Argentina on November 10. The Dressing Room on November 15,  The Drunks on November 19. Price: 2400₽.

For more information and to order subscriptions please call +7 (495) 629-65-95.

Subscription advantages:
1. Best seats within the price category.
2. Gift Wrapping
3. Your seats are always guaranteed.
4. Added convenience (book before tickets go on sale and your tickets will be available for later purchase).

Treat your friends or yourself to the Moscow Art Subscription!
>  September 25,
October Playbill Changes
Dear patrons,

Please take a note of the following changes in the current repertoire:

The Pillowman performance scheduled for October 7 at the Small Stage is cancelled. Patrons are requested to return their tickets to the box-office for full refund no later than October 11, 2015.

Zoya's Apartment performance scheduled for October 9 at the Main Stage is cancelled. Patrons are requested to return their tickets to the box-office for full refund no later than October 13, 2015.

Drunks scheduled on October 9 at the Small Stage, will be transferred to the Main Stage. All previously purchased tickets will remain valid.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience these changes may cause.

For further information please call our box-office at +7 (495) 646-3-646 è +7 (495) 692-67-48.

>  September 15,
Beloved Songs. The Musical Night
Musical evenings, like The Christmas Concert, Live Sound,  The Wartime Songs have joined our playbill about two years ago.  A new series, entitled Beloved Songs, will premier on September 17, and may also become a tradition. The title of the series is in fact the only criteria for choosing the musical material. The program, as its title goes, will include favorite songs of the Moscow Art company members participating in the concert alongside with the accompaniment of the Moscow Contemporary Music Band.
>  September 15,
Modern actor in the modern theatre. Directing Lab
Moscow Art Theatre proudly present the second session of The Lab Modern actor in the modern theatre. The Lab started with the first session in the summer (featuring production workshops of Dmitry Volkostrelov and Alexandra Denisova, lectures by Konstantin Bogomolov, Irina Kulik, Marina Davydova, Zara Abdullayeva, Pavel Rudnev), and will now continue into the Fall.

The Lab will present workshops (followed by the discussions) and lectures on current trends of the modern culture. Moscow Art Theatre Lab is an alternative to theatre's main playbill.  This is the platform where we workshop our possible future productions, trying to identify new creative teams,  exploring new writings and new directorial approaches.

Having gone through the experience of First Time in Russian series with several Western cultures, Moscow Art Theatre has now turned to the new Russian directing that is attempting to offer actors alternative ways of stage existence.

Lab schedule:

September 19(15.00)
September 20(13.00) 
The Cricket. A fairy tale for infantile adults
Workshop directed by Martha Gorvic on hew own play based on the story by Toon Tellegen
(6th Floor Rehearsal Studio)

September 20(20.00)
September 21(14.00)
The Gamblers by Nikolai Gogol
Production of Alexander Kuznetsov
(New Stage)

September 25(15.00)
September 26(14.00)*
Workshop directed by Sasha Denisova based on her own play.
(New Stage)
*Additional performance, tickets can be purchased at the Theatre box-office

September 26(20.00)
Theatre text. Attribution and interaction
Directing Master Class of Viktor Ryzhakov, Artistic Director of the Meyerhold Center
(New Stage)

October 8 (20.00)
Enchanted by the Screen, or The Time of Affect.  Introduction to the history of video art.
Lecture of Olga Shishko, art critic, MediaArtLab Center Director and curator of arts and culture projects
(6th Floor Rehearsal Studio)

October 15(20.00)
Other Scenes of Psychoanalysis
Lecture of Viktor Mazin, psychoanalyst, Director of the Museum of Freudian Dreams (St. Petersburg)
(6th Floor Rehearsal Studio)

October 17(20.00) 
October 18(13.00)
The Castle
Workshop by Andreas Merz-Raykov based on the novel by Franz Kafka
(New Stage)

October 29(20.00)
Meeting with director Yuri Butusov
(Moscow Art Production Shops)

Tickets for workshops and lectures will not go on sale.  If you wish to attend, please sign up by emailing Please make sure to include your name and the date and time of the event you wish to attend. The number of seats is limited. If your plans change, and you are no longer able to attend, please be considerate of others and email us to cancel your booking.

TO OUR PATRONS! The Lab presentations are not full productions. We use those workshops to get your feedback and qualified opinion that will help us determine whether we want to pursue each particular project further.  We therefore invite to attend those inquisitive, experienced and professional audience members whose opinions we will value and appreciate.
>  September 10,
Anniversary Celebration of Alyona Khovanskaya

Alyona Khovanskaya is celebrating her anniversary on September 10.

Graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre School (1990 Class of Oleg Tabakov,) she has debuted on our stage while still a student playing Sasha Lebedeva in Oleg Yefremov's production of Ivanov.  Her distinct personality has been in high demand from the very beginning.  Her acting credits include Ondine (Ondine), Bobok (Elena Ivanovna), The Blessed Island (Anisenka), The Pit (Vera), Boris Godunov (Ksenia Godunova), Platonov (Grekova), Tartuffe (Marianne, Dorine), Cabal of Hypocrites (Armande), Lesson for Husbands (Isabella), The Storm (Feklusha), Amadeus (Katharina), A Cry in the Handful (Tanya), Misha's Birthday Party (Susie), And the light is shining in the darkness (Tonya), Eternity and One More Day (The Soul), You (Old lady), Light Suspicion of Treason (Natalia), The Sun Was Shining (Presenter), Tutish.  Long-time collaborator with Marina Brusnikina, she has been a Music Director for most of her productions, incluuding The Flying Geese, Sonechka, White on Black, The Sun Was Shining, The River With High Current, Tutish, The Gentry Nest, A Letterbox, The Village of Fools. Ms. Khovanskaya is the founding member of Live Sound Quartet at the Moscow Art, and Music Director of The Christmas at the Moscow Art, The War Songs, The Beloved Songs and many other music nights programs.
>  September 9,
Cast Changes Announcements
On September 5 Veronika Timofeeva has debuted at the Moscow Art in the role of Maid in the production of The Old-World Landowners.

On September 6 Artem Sokolov has debuted in the role of Marco in the production of Dear Treasure.

On September 10Pavel Vorozhtsov has debuted in the role of Duncan in the production of Leading Ladies.

On September 15 Alexey Agapov has debuted in the role of Travel Companion in the production of The Kreitzer Sonata.

On September 29 Sofia Rayzman will appear in the production of The Little Humpbacked Horse playing Horse, Countrywoman, Star, and Fish.

On September 30 Olga Litvinova will debut in the role of Actress D in the production of The Make-Up Room.
>  September 9,
Konstantin Bogomolov is awarded Best Director of 2015 by GQ
Konstantin Bogomolov is the recipient of Best Director of 2015 award by “GQ” magazine.  He has been awarded for directing Jewellers Jubilee at the Moscow Art and Boris Godunov at the Lenkom Theatre!
>  September 8,
Chekhov Alive project stopped accepting submissions
Staged online reading Chekhov Alive is a joint project of Google, Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and Russian Book Union.

The final phase of the project will feature selections from several hundred participants who will be performing on the world’s largest online stage alongside with the stage and film stars, famous athletes, musicians and politicians. Reading Chekhov will be MXAT Artistic Director Oleg Tabakov, MXAT School Dean Igor Zolotovitsky, actors Anatoly Bely, Igor Vernik, Avangard Leontev, Irina Miroshnichenko, Marina Zudina, Yuri Stoyanov, Alexander Filippenko, Alisa Grebenschikova, figure skater Irina Slutskaya, skater Ivan Skobrev, pop singers MakSim and Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, opera singer Maria Maksakova, YouTube bloggers Ruslan Usachev, Stas Davydov and many others.

Creative team of the project, led by the Golden Mask recepient Natalia Anastasyeva, faced a true challenged when they were asked to select the participants of Chekhov Alive online stage reading out of 2310 submissions from all over the world. The competition was so high that the producers have decided to increase the number of participants from 500 to 700.

Some users have resorted to quite unusual means for depicting the depth of Chekhovian characters. Performers in Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk were very emotional in living through their characters’ lives; in Vladivostok the reading was supported by playing the musical instruments; and in Ekaterinburg they brought family pets into the picture. This week the producers are sending out invitations to the participants. Their live readings from more than 50 works by Chekhov will be broadcast on YouTube as well as streamed to large screens in designated hotspots of the project.

The project will begin on September 25 at 12 noon Moscow Time. Live broadcast will be streamed from 25 locations in Russia and worldwide, including Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, Chekhovskaya Metro Station and Gorky Park in Moscow, Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe and Alexandrine Theatre in St. Petersburg, Chekhov Museum in Badenweiler, Germany, Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, USA, Chekhov Memorial Museum in Melikhovo, Chekhov Museum in Taganrog, Chekhov Arts and Letters Museum The Sakhalin Island, and other places related to Chekhov.

Please follow Google official blog and Chekhov Alive page on Google+ for detailed schedule and more information about the project.
>  September 8,
The Forest performance on September 9 is cancelled
The performance of The Forest, originally scheduled for September 9 at the Main Stage, has been canceled due to the sickness of a company member.  Patrons are requested to return their tickets to our box-office for full reimbursement until September 13.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

For additional information please call +7 (495) 646-3-646 or +7 (495) 692-67-48.
>  September 6,
Vladimir Krasnov's 75th anniversary

People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Krasnov is celebrating his 75th anniversary on September 6.

Graduate of Saratov Theatre Studio (1963) he worked in theatres in Omsk and Norilsk, and for almost 40 years was the leading actor and director of the Kiselev Youth Theatre in Saratov.  He debuted at the Moscow Art Theatre company in 2001 as Stepan Ivanovich  in the production of You, and later has played Shamraev in The Seagull, Perchikhin in The Petty Bourgeois, Grandpa in “The Last Day of Summer“. His present repertoire includes “Retro“ (Chmutin), “Some Tenderness“ (Batu), “The Cherry Orchard“ (Simeonov-Pishchik), “The White Rabbit“ (Judge), „New American” (Mikhail Ivanovich), „The House” (Anatoly Vasilievich and Grandfather of Igor), „Last summer in Chulimsk” (Pomigalov). He is also acting at the Tabakov Theatre playing Mitrich in „Doll for the Bride” and Belugin in "Belugin's Wedding”. Mr. Krasnov is teaching acting at the Tabakov Theatre School.

Chekhov Moscow Art sends Mr. Krasnov our warmest anniversary greetings, wishing him good health, joy, inspiration and success in all his endeavours!
>  September 5,
100th performance of The Duel

Tonight we will celebrate the hundredth performance of The Duel by Anton Yakovlev based on the novel by Anton Chekhov! Our warmest greetings to the entire creative team and cast on this very special occasion!
>  September 4,
Shortlist of Star of the Theatergoer Award has been announced
Teatral (The Theatergoer) magazine has published the shortlist of Star of the Theatergoer award.  Nominated for the award are Oleg Tabakov (Best Actor, Maurice Hodger in The Jeweler's Jubilee) and our production of 19.14 (Best Small Scale Production). Star of the Theatergoer is awarded based on the audience casting their votes at the website. The winners will be announced at the Gala Ceremony at the Vakhtangov Theatre on December 7.
>  September 2,
Opening of 118th Season
A company meeting held this afternoon at the Moscow Art Theatre marks the beginning of a new 118th season. Prior to the opening of a new season the company went on tour to the Siberian cities of Tomsk and Kemerovo, but the first performances in Moscow after the summer recess will happen tonight. We open the season with three new productions on all three stages. Jeweler's Jubilee, directed by Konstantin Bogomolov will be presented at the Main Stage, The Illusions, directed by Victor Ryzhakov, will go on at the Small Stage, and Santander. Two Short Stories, directed by Mikhail Rakhlin will be featured at the New Stage.

Artistic Director Oleg Tabakov has welcomed the company at the break of a new season. He thanked everybody who has made the celebration of his 80th anniversary a very special and memorable day. Mr. Tabakov has outlined the most important events of the past season – opening of the monument to the founders of the Moscow Art; groundbreaking of the Second Stage complex; gala opening of the Year of Literature in Russia; and major opening nights. He then spoke about the nearest future plans.

Scheduled to open before the 1st of the Year are Musketeers. Saga. Part One, compiled and directed by Konstantin Bogomolov on the Main Stage; Honesty is Good, But Happiness is Better by Alexander Ostrovsky directed by Alexander Ogarev on the Small Stage; and The Rebels, conceived and directed by Alexander Molochnikov on the Small Stage. Future plans include Macbeth staged by Jan Klata, director of The Stary Teatr in Krakow, The Lower Depths by Gorky directed by Victor Ryzhakov. Alexei Frandetti will direct a musical production of Pride and Prejudice based on the novel by Jane Austen, and Konstantin Bogomolov will present Central Park West, a comedy by Woody Allen. Mr. Bogomolov is also planning to produce a piece based on the works by the masters of Russian “country prose”, Vasily Shukshin, Victor Astafiev, Vasily Belov, featuring Oleg Tabakov in the leading role.

Tribute to Oleg Tabakov, who is celebrating his 80th anniversary this season, will be a festival presenting all productions he is starring at in the first half of November. The festival will include our productions of The Last Sacrifice and Jeweler's Jubilee, as well as Tabakov Theatre productions of The Seagull, The Year I Wasn't Yet Born, and The Adventures (based on The Dead Souls by Gogol). The Festival will also feature a multimedia exhibition in the lobby dedicated to our Artistic Director. Culminating the celebration will be a special Main Stage Gala on November 14.

This season we will continue the traditional The Reading Circle series of literary evenings that have been part of our playbill for the last 15 year, as well as the more recent addition of musical evenings, like The Christmas Concert, Live Sound,  The Wartime Songs…  A new series, entitled Beloved Songs, will premier on September 17, and may also become a tradition. September at the main stage will be held on a new night, which may also become a tradition. The title of the series is in fact the only criteria for choosing the musical material. The program, as its title goes, will include favorite songs of the Moscow Art company members participating in the concert alongside with the accompaniment of the Moscow Contemporary Music Band.

On September 25 Moscow Art Theater will launch Chekhov Alive project featuring staged readings of the works by Anton Chekhov on YouTube, the global online stage. We have joined forces with Google and the Russian Book Union in an effort to combine classical literature, contemporary theater and cutting edge technology to present the creative legacy of the famous writer in a new digital format.

Two directors, Martha Horwitz and Andreas Merz-Raikov, will present their work-in-progress sketches as part of the Modern actor in the contemporary theater Lab. Other events featured in the Lab include master classes of Victor Ryzhakova and Yuri Butusov, as well as lectures “Videoart for beginners“ by Olga Shishko, „Theatre, Freudianism and psychoanalysis” by Viktor Mazin and others.

In June of 2016, we will join forces with Adam Mickiewicz Institute in presenting a series of stage readings of Polish plays as part of the ongoing First time in Russian series. Wojtek Faruga will present a sketch of his own documentary play Valentina about Valentina Tereshkova, and Ewelina Marciniak will workshop A Piece on Mother and the Fatherland by Bozena Keff.

The company will continue touring its productions domestically and internationally. Jeweler's Jubilee will be presented at the International Festival in Yaroslavl, as well as in Saratov and St. Petersburg. An Ideal Husband. A Comedy is traveling to the International Festival in South Korea, and Karamazovs will be seen in Greece. We will present our productions in many cities throughout Russia, as well as in Riga, Beijing, Minsk, and Yerevan.

Wrapping up the company has eeting, Oleg Tabakov has conveyed his birthdays greetings to our Music Director Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko and actress Natalya Yegorova who have celebrated their anniversaries during the summer downtime.  Though absent at the meeting, young company members Artyom Bystrov and Xenia Teplova received a round of applause on the occasion of birth of their daughter.

Mr. Tabakov has then introduced new members of the Apprentice Company: graduates of  GITIS Alexander Kuznetsov, Artyom Sokolov, and Veronica Timofeeva; and graduates of the Tabakov Theatre College Grigory Trapeznikov and Pavel Tabakov. Svetlana Ivanova-Sergeeva, who has been seen in several Moscow Art productions in the recent past, has been promoted to full company membership.