>††April 1,
Damned and Murdered is†back on†stage
Damned and Murdered by†Victor Astafyev is†back on†Small Stage again for one performance only on†May 5. Critically acclaimed †2010†production by†Victor Ryzhakov is†no†longer part of†our repertoire, but is†coming back for one performance only to†commemorate the Victory Day celebrations.

The novel is†based on†the real-life events that Viktor Astafyev has experienced in†1942. “This is†my†truth about the war”, Ė he†wrote. Ė “It†is†nobody else's but mine. It†doesn't have to†coincide with someone else's truth”.

Featured in†the production are Armen Arushanyan, Maxim Blinov, Denis Bobyshev, Artem Bystrov, Alexei Varuschenko, Dmitriy Vlaskin, Artem Volobuev, Pavel Vorozhtsov, Nadezhda Zharycheva, Alexey Kirsanov, Aleksey Krasnenkov, Pavel Levkin, Denis Matveyev, Azamat Nigmatov, Artyom Panchik, Vladimir Panchik, Mikhail Rakhlin, Oleg Savtsov, Nikolai Salnikov, Viktor Horinyak, Aleksey Shevchenkov.

Tickets can be†purchased at†the box-office and on†our website. Ticket prices range from 500₽ to†1000₽.