>††September 1,
Konstantin Bogomolov
Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre is†pleased to†announce the enrollment into the Directorsí Lab of†Konstantin Bogomolov.

The interviews with prospective participants will be†conducted between October 10†and 19, 2016. The Lab will begin its operations on†November 10, 2016†with classes scheduled in†the evenings twice a†week during 2016-2017†and 2017-2018†seasons.

You will have to†be†at†least 20†years of†age to†apply. If†you will get accepted, it†will be†your responsibility to†schedule your other activities around the Labís†schedule. The Lab will run as†a†series of†free-form classes and will include lectures and case studies with Konstantin Bogomolov and other professionals he†will nominate. The participants will be†asked to†prepare etudes (improvs), present scene work, and direct projects. The Lab participants will be†allowed to†attend rehearsals at†the theatre (pending MXAT management approval in†each case). The theatre will also support a†special series of†lectures and seminars on†theatre technology. The Lab participants may (by mutual interest expressed) get involved in†creative capacity in†projects and/or activities of†the Moscow Art Theatre. The Lab will be†presenting its work for the management and the acting company of†the Moscow Art, as†well as†for the members of†the audience. Our goal is†to†nurture new professional theatre directors by†sharing hands-on practical knowledge of†theatre and directing with the Lab participants, and by†facilitating the creation of†new productions for our repertoire.