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Davide Giovanzana

Davide Giovanzanaís†(b. 1972) theatre work is†extremely visual. His background in†painting pushes him to†find accurate spatial solutions that can be†seen as†living tableaux. This gives a†hieratic quality to†his theatrical work. However his education in†physical theatre makes him sensitive as†well to†the distinct quality of†the actorsí movements. Therefore in†his work he†pays particular attention to†the instantaneous manifestation of†the body energy. It†is†in†this clash of†timelessness and immediacy, that he†seeks to†unfold the tensions that are inscribed in†the play and to†project them visually and bodily on†the stage. In†addition, his doctoral research on†Luigi Pirandello grounds him a†strong vision of†the reality as†fragmented and multiple. Thus he†considers the stage as†a†place where the various layering of†reality can be†exposed.