’”ńő∆Ň—“¬ŇÕÕŘ… –” ő¬őń»“Ňň‹ ó őňŇ√ “ņŃņ ő¬
Based on†the works of†Oscar Wilde
Main Stage, 19:00
Sergei Chonishvili, Alexey Kravchenko, Darya Moroz, Igor Mirkurbanov, Marina Zudina and others
April 26,
Backstage Journey. A†Guided Tour
We are delighted to†offer a†very special opportunity to†our patrons Ė A Backstage Journey. This is†your chance to†go†where the audience members have never set their foot before.

Travelers will visit the rehearsal rooms and the dressing rooms of†our actors, will follow the work of†makeup artists and wardrobe mistresses, will take a†look at†the scenery fit up†at†the Main Stage and the lights focusing at†the Small Stage. †We†will open doors to†the office of†Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko and the dressing rooms of†Konstantin Stanislavsky and Oleg Yefremov.

Guided tours in†Russian and English are designed and conducted by†Alexander Popov and Ekaterina Kuznetsova.

Tickets are on†sale at†the Box-Office of the Moscow Art Theatre for 1,000₽. The offer is†limited. Each guided tour is†for a†group of†no†more than 15†visitors.

Each tour begins at†14:00†at†the meeting point inside the Box-Office of the Moscow Art Theatre.
March 20,
Schedule of†Touring
March 17,
Moscow Art Theatre Lab: Gorky. Narrative.
Moscow Art Theatre is†pleased to†present a†concerned public with the Directing Lab Gorky. Narrative.†Dedicated to†the upcoming 150th anniversary of†Maxim Gorky, the Lab will be†divided into two parts.

Traditionally, we†produce three directing projects as†part of†the Lab. This year we†will feature two Moscow Art newcomers, Dmitry Egorov from St. Petersburg and Alessandra Giuntini, an†Italian director working in†Moscow, joined by†Danila Chaschin, who is†well-known to†our audiences for his recent production of†Lyokha.

The directors are working on†Gorkyís†narrative stories ó both well-known and less-known. †While the Moscow Art Theatre was in†many ways influenced by†Gorky and his creative writing, it†has been traditionally exploring his vast dramatic legacy. †This time we†will attempt to†stage the short stories of†Russiaís†major writer of†the 20th century.

The second part of†the lab will be†no†less eventful. Our Lab frequenters enjoy the lecture/meeting format that we†have introduced in†earlier series. †We†will host such eminent scholars as†Pavel Basinsky, Dmitry Bak, Nikolay Bogomolov, and philosopher Alexey Kozyrev. They will be†talking about Gorky and Russian culture around him; the older Gorky vs†the younger Gorky as†the integral part of†his ambiguous and motley era.

The purpose of†the Moscow Art Theatre Lab is†not just a†repertory development exercise, but also an†attempt to†familiarize our audience with the processes brewing in†the neighboring cultural fields, to†offer a†broader perspective to†our acquisitive audience.